The following is a short adventure designed for play testing Story Mode, though it is easily adapted to other systems with a little tweaking.

It should last around 2 hours with 4 players and a GM.

You have come to Enith, a small fishing town which sits on the cliffs at the end of a long and barren peninsula.

It’s a long way by road to the town and as such relies on trade by boats from closer coastal settlements across the water. The only route to the town by sea is by a gulf through a treacherous reef, only the most accomplished sailors dare travel these waters.

Recently, ships have been wrecked on the rocks regularly and no survivors found. The locals are too scared to investigate whatever is causing the problem, which they believe is residing in Kemph’s Cavern, a network of caves in the cliffs near the reef. They whisper rumours of pirates or ghouls.

The problem is becoming more complex as supplies are unable to get through to the town, and what was once a roaring trade has dwindled. The town’s supplies are low, it’s people restless.

After a long and arduous journey to Enith, you made it to The Weather Wayfarer, the battered and weather-beaten wooden tavern which sits overlooking the roiling waters beneath. Jem Trendle, the bartender gratefully received you in and assisted you in finding a boat and someone brave enough to pilot you through the dangerous waters. That someone is a fisherman by the name of Brek.

And so now, with a storm brewing in the distance, in the low evening light, you are coasting along in Brek’s boat. Surfing up and down waves as you pass the jagged cliffs which tower above you. The boat turns slightly and you glide into a small cove. 

Rocks like teeth protrude above the swirling waves and cast eerie shadows against the cliff face in the light of the sunset. The spray is cold on your face and blinking salt water from your eyes, you notice the carcasses of several ships being raised and lowered on the tide, trapped behind these jagged rocks as though imprisoned.

Splintered boards, bits of rope and various other flotsam passes you. Who knows how many boats have been wrecked here.

And before you can give it much thought, you catch sight of the gaping cave at the zenith of this cove. 

It yawns open forming a roof above a small shingle beach which will be your landing.


Brek the boatman steers the boat up to the shingle and tells the party he will wait here for them till midnight, but no later.

General features

  • Slick solid stone walls worn for years by the sea which become more jagged deeper inside. Beyond zone 2, stalagmites, stalactites and other rocky features are present.
  • No natural light within the cave network. 
  • Stale, damp smelling. 
  • Occasional noises of drips and constant roar of the ocean waters lapping on the beach which recedes as the party ventures deeper.

1. Small cave inlet

  • Just inside the rocky passageway is an opening on the right hand side – a 15ft diameter cave room. High tide line sits at about waist height on the wall
  • A dead goblin lies against the wall. Bloated, clothes are wet. Looks like it drowned.
  • Successful Mental check while looking closely at it’s body reveals huge, long welts all over it’s torso.
  • The goblin has a rusty scimitar, anything else of value has either been washed away or taken.

2. Tidal Barrier

  • A little further down the passageway, a 10ft ledge rises up from the shingle floor, providing a natural barrier for the sea water at high tide.
  • The rock face is smooth and featureless. There are a few jagged rocks and small stalagmites on the upper level.

3. Light in the Passageway

  • Flickering firelight comes from around a corner. 
  • Successful Senses check hears guttural speech, two creatures talking.

4. Goblin’s Cave

  • A large chamber – 30-40ft in diameter.
  • X goblins sit huddled around a fire. (X = size of party +1)
  • They look bedraggled, tired and hungry.
  • When they notice the party they jump up and grab their weapons, looking fearful and defensive.
  • After a few minutes, Goblin Chief comes from the eastern passageway.
  • The goblins were travelling around the coast and were attacked in their boat by the ‘horrible purple sea beast’. They have been cowering in here for days – they’re out of food and water.
  • Among goblin’s trappings are a few rusty tools and weapons, the remains of food wrappings, torn and damaged poor quality clothing plus:
    Charismatic Amulet
    Earrings of perception
    Gauntlets of might
    Helm of Clarity


T0.5 – 10HP 3DMG
Normally conniving and sly creatures, this group is reduced to emaciated shadows of themselves after their recent experience. Though they will appear vicious, they are likely to give up at the first hints of real trouble.
At the beginning of combat, this group of goblins makes a Physical check. If it succeeds, the group is not surprised by the party’s arrival and goes first in combat.

Goblin Chief

T1 – 15HP 5DMG
Although just as bedraggled as the other goblins within this cave, this brutally ugly goblin, scarred and hardened from years of experience on these coasts, still retains it’s resolve and determination to survive.
✪ Charge!
This creature’s allies’ checks are reduced by 1 until this creature’s next turn.

5. Smuggler’s Store

  • Cave room with several barrels in. Filled with strong liquor.

6. Secluded Lagoon

  • Passageway slopes down here to another sand and shingle beach on the edge of a large trapped pool within a space which is open to the sky. A narrow gap in the rocks opposite the cave exit looks out onto the ocean.
  • Moon peeks out through a couple of occasional gaps in the storm clouds. Thunder rumbles overhead.
  • Water starts bubbling and a Kraken attacks the party, tentacles reaching out from the water to grapple and strike them.
  • A section of rock overhangs the pool on one side, Lightning may strike it, loosening it slightly.


T4 – 40HP 7DMG
A terrifying denizen of the deepest depths of the ocean which has made it’s home within this secluded cave. Attacks anything which comes close enough to disturb it.
Many limbs
The Kraken makes two attacks on it’s turn.
Grapple 1/ day
When the Kraken hits with a tentacle attack, it may make a Physical check. If it succeeds, it wraps it’s tentacle around the creature it attacked and that creature can’t move until they free themselves with a successful Physical check. Creatures grappled by the kraken can still attack it. Dealing 8 damage in a single turn will free the creature as they sever it’s tentacle.
This ability is refreshed when the Kraken is reduced to half it’s maximum HP.

On slaying the Kraken, the party will be given a warm reception, grateful thanks and hearty rewards when the town of Enith learns of their deeds.

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