Scattered throughout the world are many powerful items. They could have been left in ancient dungeons by magical civilisations of long ago, or created by an evil mage for the machinations the party is trying to stop. 

Use the items in this chapter as in game rewards and a means of providing character advancement.

As there are no character levels in Story Mode, the party will need to look to magic items to provide them with new abilities to overcome whatever problem they face.

Characters may also start the adventure with one or more of these items – this is a great way to add complexity for more experienced players, and give the GM scope for more challenging encounters. 


Items have a rarity assigned to them which can be used as a guide for when they’re appropriate rewards for your players. 

These items are a little more unusual than the type of goods traded in most markets. The sorts of things a back alley trader might sell at inflated cost, or which might be offered to the party in multiples for services rendered.
It’s safe to give each character one of these items during the course of the adventure. 

These items are unlikely to be found in any normal city. The sort of items which are kept under lock and key by mage colleges and collectors.
It’s safe to give the party one of these items per adventure, either during the adventure if you’re playing a one-shot or at the end of the adventure as a reward to take into the next session. 

These incredibly powerful items are unlikely to be found except in the most dangerous of places. They’re coveted by dragons as part of their hoard or guarded by deadly monsters in the deepest dungeons.
Give these items out for high powered adventures, where the odds are skewed heavily against the characters and they don’t stand a chance without assistance.

Autonomous Sword

A sword which at its owners command springs to life and flies and fights on it’s own. 
The welder gains the following abilities:
Sword Attack 7 5DMG
You may use an action to speak the sword’s command word to activate it. It acts on your turn, has 10hp and makes one sword attack per turn. 
If it is reduced to 0hp, it drops to the ground and this ability can’t be used until the next adventuring day. 

Amulet of Fortitude

While wearing this amulet, you have an additional 10hp.

Bloodthirsty Blade

When the wielder of this blade kills a creature with their first attack on a turn, they may make another attack.

Bond stones

A pair of smooth stones. The owners of these stones can tell where the other is at all times. 

Book of the Arcanist

Uncommon – Useable only by Druids, Mages and Priests
The Wielder of this item may cast the following spells by spending the listed number of spell points.
✪ Detect:    You detect any magic nearby, including all enchantments on items, structures and creatures.
ϟ Counterspell:    You prevent the casting of a spell by a character you can see, cast this immediately after that character casts their spell. Their spell has no effect.

Book of the Trickster Mage

Uncommon – Useable only by Druids, Mages and Priests
The Wielder of this item may cast the following spells by spending the listed number of spell points.
Disguise 1  
Magically change one character’s appearance, including their clothing and equipment for up to one hour.
Telepathy 1  
You form a telepathic bond with one willing character for one hour or until either of you casts a spell. You may communicate with that character telepathically until the spell ends.

Dealer’s Choice

A magical deck of cards which when shuffled will appear in the order the dealer chooses. 

Deceiver’s case

A small wooden box which can create a magical object inside it as it’s owner describes the desired object. The object can only exist outside the box for one minute.

Cassock of hidden things

This garment is so large and without shape that any item up to the size of a 50cm cube can be hidden in it without possibility of detection.

Charismatic Amulet

Reduce the rating of Social checks the wearer makes by 1

Cocktail of potential

A reddish liquid inside an exquisite vial. When drunk, it will increase or decrease one of the drinkers’ four stats by 2. You have no way of knowing the effect until it has been drunk. 

Earring of Perception

Reduce the rating of Sense checks the wearer makes by 1

Forecast bracelet

While wearing this bracelet, you always know what the weather will be on the following day. 

Gauntlets of Might

Reduce the rating of Physical checks the wearer makes by 1

Helm of Clarity

Reduce the rating of Mental checks the wearer makes by 1

Infiltrator’s Key

A magic key which can unlock any door or padlock. 

Mask of Mimicry

While wearing this mask, the wearer can imitate any sound they have heard, including the voice of another person.

Never-ending Rope

A small wicker basket filled with rope. When the end of the rope is pulled from the basket, it will continue letting out the rope indefinitely and it seems the amount of rope in the basket is never depleted.

Orb of Translation

This small ball with a gilded band around it’s centre allows the holder to communicate with any sentient creature, regardless of their languages.

Peacekeeper’s Teapot

This miraculous teapot always flows with hot fresh tea, but never spills in your satchel. If you spend some time drinking tea from this pot with someone, Social checks you make to persuade them have a rating of (6) for a short time. 

Poacher’s Net

A mundane looking net which when laid out on the ground, acts magically as a trap without the need for additional ropes or pulleys. When any creature of humanoid size or smaller steps into the centre of the net, the net ensnares them.

Prayer Beads

The Wielder of this item may cast the following spells by spending the listed number of spell points.
If the wielder isn’t capable of casting spells, instead they may perform the following actions once per day.
✪ Sanctify 1  
You pace the perimeter of an area and sanctify it to your deity. Within this area, effects which restore HP restore double the amount and you can tell if characters within the space are lying.
Holy Weapon 1  
One weapon you are carrying deals double damage for 10 minutes or until you cast another spell.

Ring of Power

The wearer gains spell points based on the rarity of the ring. These are replenished each day, like the characters’ own spell points. 
Uncommon – 1 Spell Point
Rare – 2 Spell Points
Legendary – 3 Spell Points

Ring of Speed

Once per day, the wielder of this item may choose to make an additional action on their turn.

Spear of Waning

The wielder of this weapon gains the following ability:
Spear Attack 8 4DMG
Sap Strength – When a creature is damaged by this weapon, until their next rest, the ratings of attacks and physical checks they make are increased by 2 up to a maximum of 18

Staff of the Dead

The wielder of this staff gains the following abilities:
✪ Commune 1/ day
You are able to talk briefly to one dead body. It will answer three questions to the best of it’s knowledge, including anything it learned in life or death.
Turn Undead 1/ day
The staff exudes radiant light and terrifies all undead creatures nearby. They flee from you and can’t move closer to you or attack you for 3 turns.

Staff of Freezing

The wielder of this staff gains the following abilities:
Steady footing
Physical checks you make to move across ice have a rating of 7
Freeze 1/ day
One creature you can see is encased in ice. It is unable to move or attack for 3 turns. Damaging the creature breaks the ice and frees it.

Sword of Blinding Light

The blade of this sword emits a dull glow which can be used to light your path through dark places.
The Wielder of this staff gains the following abilities:
Sword attack 8 5DMG
Blind 1/ day
You cause the blade to glow brightly and blind up to two creatures you can see. Those creatures can’t make attacks on their next turn.


A beautiful ivory horn with gilded ends.
The wielder of this item gains the following ability:
Trumpet Blast
The rating of the next check each ally who hears this horn’s cry makes is reduced by 1

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