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The Barbarian strides menacingly towards her foe and hefting her huge battle axe in her hands, raises it for the killing blow.

The Barbarian is a terrifying warrior who uses their brute strength to overpower opponents on the battlefield.  What they lack in intelligence, they make up in unbound fury.

HP 30
Physical 7
Mental 12
Senses 9
Social 11

Signature Attack Greataxe 7 7DMG

Rage 1/ day
Harnessing the primal fury within, you heighten your senses and toughen your defenses. Until your next turn, you deal double damage and take half damage. If you take damage while raging, this effect lasts another turn. 
Brute Strength 
Physical checks you make to lift or move a heavy object have a rating of 5
Intimidating Presence
Your powerful appearance strikes fear into the hearts of those who get on the wrong side of you. Social Checks you make to intimidate other creatures have a rating of 7

An Iron Cooking Pot
A Crowbar
A Length of Chain


Plucking a chord on his lute, the Bard sings a single beautiful note entwined with magic to rouse his allies for the fight.

The Bard uses their clever wit to overcome challenges and support their allies.

HP 18
Physical 12
Mental 9
Senses 9
Social 7

Signature AttackRapier  9 4DMG

✪ Charm 1/ day
You speak so nicely to another character that they can’t help but give you a truthful answer to one question you ask.
Any time you use another ability or your rapier attack, you may reduce the rating of the next check another character makes by 2
✪ Cutting words
You hurl insults laced with a touch of magic at a creature you can see. Make a mental check, if you succeed, the creature takes 4 damage.
✪ Compelling verse
You strike up a song which affects the mood of everyone who can hear it – this could be to make people more sombre, roused or joyous. If used in combat, reduce the rating of all allies checks by 1 until your next turn.

A Mirror


The Druid settles in by the fire, telling stories of the creation of the world. Their magic weaves it’s way into the smoke, twisting it into animated projections of their tales.

The Druid is a mage who draws on the power of the earth itself to craft destructive and restorative spells to aid the party.

HP 22
Physical 11
Mental 8
Senses 9
Social 11

Signature AttackVine Whip 9 3DMG

In tune with Nature
You are able to speak with animals, though they may not necessarily have anything intelligent to say.

Wild Magic
You harness the power of nature and cast one of the following spells. Spend the listed number of spell points to cast them, you have 5 spell points which are replenished each day, after you have rested.
✪ Grasping Vines  1
Thick vines grow up and constrict up to three creatures you can see. They can’t move on their next turn. 
✪ Nature’s Healing 1
Heal one creature you touch by 8 HP.
✪ Lightning Strike  2
You call down a powerful lightning strike. Make a Mental check, if you succeed you deal 8 damage to one creature you can see and 4 damage to any creatures standing beside them.

A Pipe and Pipeweed
Fishing Tackle
Wood-carving tools


Sparks crackle at the Mage’s fingertips as he mutters an incantation, the magic of the multiverse flows through him and is bent to his will.

The Mage is a wielder of the magic which binds reality – some are innate spellcasters whose natural gift has plagued them since birth; some are learned scholars who have practised their spells carefully – every one is powerful beyond measure.

HP 20
Physical 12
Mental 7
Senses 9
Social 10

Signature Attack ✪ Fireball 7 5DMG

Mental checks you make relating to history, science or your knowledge of the arcane have a rating of 5

Arcane Magic
You reach out to the magic of the world around you and cast one of the following spells. You spend the listed number of spell points to cast them and you have 6 spell points which are replenished each day, after you have rested.
✪ Parlour tricks  0
You create a small, harmless effect such as lighting a candle or campfire; cast momentary light onto an object; a brief whiff of a familiar smell; an illusion no larger than yourself or physical object which fits in the palm of your hand and lasts no longer than 1 minute. Your imagination is the only limit on your use of this simple magic, but you are unable to cause damage or have a meaningful lasting effect on your surroundings with this ability.
ϟ Shield  1
You throw up a shield of magical energy. Negate all damage from one attack against you.
✪ Now you see me… 1
One character you touch turns invisible for one hour or until they make an attack or cast a spell.
✪ Sleep  2  
Up to 3 enemies of your choice fall asleep if they are capable of sleep. They wake if they are damaged.

Spell book
A Lamp
A Quill and Ink


The monk turns rapidly on the spot, catching an arrow and hurling back towards their assailant. The air between them is tense until the attacker falls to the ground and the monk patient contemplates their next move.

Emissaries of patience, grace and strength of will. Monks are widely respected for their wisdom and their prowess in battle.

HP 28
Physical 8
Mental 8
Senses 10
Social 11

Signature AttacksQuarterstaff 7 4DMG – ✪ Fist 7 3DMG

Fists of Fury 1/ day
Make three fist attacks against one enemy.
Physical checks you make to move over or around objects or difficult terrain have a rating of 6
Calm Presence
Social checks you make to end hostility in any way have a rating of 9
When you’re hit by a ranged attack, make a Physical check. If you succeed, you catch the projectile in mid air and take no damage.
You’re a master of improvised weaponry and you can throw any item which can fit in your hand to make an attack with the same rating and damage as your quarterstaff attack.

A Small Wooden Bowl
A Flask of Oil
A Fine Wool Blanket


Raising her shield higher, her enemies’ eyes transfixed on the holy symbol emblazoned onto it, the Paladin lets out a righteous and furious cry to drive panic into the unholy creatures clustered before her.

The Paladin is a holy warrior, given a sacred cause by their deity and sworn to uphold the values they stand for. 

HP 28
Physical 7
Mental 10
Senses 10
Social 11

Signature AttackGreat Sword  7 6DMG

✪ By the Holy Light! 1/ day
You raise your holy sigil and bright light emanates from it, striking fear into your enemies. Up to 3 creatures you can see which are hostile towards you cannot move closer to you and cannot make attacks against you for 3 turns. 
Holy Smite
When you make a successful attack against a creature, make a Mental check. If you succeed, the creature takes an additional 5 damage.
Commanding Presence
Your gleaming armour, huge sword and prominent insignia instil awe in those around you. Social checks you make to persuade other creatures have a rating of ❻.
Detect Evil
You pray to your deity and they will make you aware of anything evil nearby, including objects and creatures. The GM will tell you what you notice.

A Small Hammer


Rubbing his holy symbol on it’s pendant, the Priest steps forward and places his hand gently on the chest of a man about to swing his axe at another. Glancing down, the man’s eyes become calm and he lowers his weapon.

The Priest would rather settle things with words rather than actions, but when required will call on miraculous powers to defeat their enemies.

HP 20
Physical 11
Mental 8
Senses 9
Social 9

Signature Attack ✪  Hammer   8   4DMG

Judge of character
Mental checks you make to assess other characters, whether they are hiding anything or holding anything back have a rating of 5

Divine Magic
You call on the power of your deity and cast one of the following spells. Spend the listed number of spell points to cast them, you have 5 spell points which are replenished each day, after you have rested.
✪ Blessing 1
The ratings of the next five checks and attacks one character you touch makes are reduced by 1
✪ Guidance 1
You pray to your deity and they respond with a sign as to which direction or course of action they wish you to take, your guide will provide this for you.
It’s a miracle!  1  
Heal two characters you can see by 6 HP, heal one character you touch by 10 HP or rid them of a negative effect caused by a spell or ability.
✪ Consecrating fire  1
Make a Mental check, on a success one enemy you can see is dealt 10 damage as they are engulfed by radiant flames.

Holy Symbol
Holy Water
A Censer


Leaves rustle as the Ranger pulls a branch out of the way, creeping through the forest after her prey. Slowing her breathing, she frees an arrow from her quiver and waits patiently for the perfect moment to shoot.

The Ranger is master of the wilds. Knowledge of the plants, animals and environments far from the beaten track combined with effortless mastery of the bow make this hunter a foe to be feared.

HP 22
Physical 8
Mental 11
Senses 8
Social 11

Signature AttacksLongbow 7 5DMG – ✪ Short Sword  8 4DMG

✪ Sharp Shot 1/ day
You take a moment to steady yourself and aim carefully on a target. You attack a creature and automatically hit without making an attack roll. You may not move this turn.
Natural Survivor
Sense checks you make to navigate and track other creatures in the wilderness and mental checks you make to identify plants and animals have a rating of 6
Field Medic
You are adept with physical aid, anatomy and the use of healing herbs and substances. Mental checks you make to assess or heal ailments have a rating of 7.
Dark Vision
You can see in darkness as though it were low light, though you can’t discern colour or make out fine writing.

A snare
An hourglass
A waxed canvas tarpaulin


The Thief creeps silently towards the flickering light at the end of the corridor, listening carefully for movement in the rest of the building. Hearing nothing suspicious, he pushes on, drawing his blade from it’s sheath just in case.

The Thief is a cunning artisan of deception and the more morally ambiguous crafts. They use their agility and wit to overcome opponents and circumstances alike.

HP 21
Physical 9
Mental 9
Senses 8
Social 9

Signature AttacksKnife 8 3DMG – ✪ Crossbow 9 4DMG

Slink 1/ day
You move undetected to the nearest area out of sight and become hidden automatically.
✪ Sneak Attack
If you make an attack whilst hidden, the attack deals double damage. If the attack hits, you are no longer hidden.
Physical checks you make to hide or move stealthily have a rating of 6
Social checks you make in order to deceive someone have a rating of 7
Dark Vision
You can see in darkness as though it were low light, though you can’t discern colour or make out fine writing.

A Marked Deck of Cards


Pulling their sword from one foe, the Warrior turns and clashes blades with another. Moments later and this enemy is downed and the warrior lets out a battle cry as they continue towards victory.

Forged in war, hardened in battle, the warrior is no stranger to the necessities which come with adventuring .

HP 28
Physical 8
Mental 11
Senses 9
Social 11

Signature AttackSword  6 6DMG

Decisive action 1/ day
You may make an additional action during one turn.
Is that all you’ve got? 1/ day
Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and rejoin the fight. When you drop to 0HP, you aren’t knocked unconscious and you don’t make a death roll, instead you regain 5HP
When drinking with someone, Social checks you make in relation to them have a rating of 7
Battlefield Scavenger
No stranger to looking for the spoils of war, you can quickly find every item on a body without the need for a senses check.

A Shovel
A Whistle


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