Story Mode is a game for weaving awesome stories and exploring exciting new worlds.

It focuses on stripping away time consuming elements of tabletop RPG preparation in order to get players right to the action.

To do this, it centres on ready to go characters, with fixed stats and abilities. These are designed to be flexible enough to be adapted by the players at the table to fit the story you’re telling together.

This is playtest content which is still undergoing development and may be changed based on feedback.

If you’d be willing to assist with this process, I’d be very grateful if you filled out the following (short) questionnaire about your experience with the game.

You can also tweet at me about it – @harrythegm; or email me longer feedback –

Turbulent Waters is a short adventure designed for playtesting Story Mode. It should last around 2 hours for 4 players and a GM and includes elements to help you get to grips with the game’s mechanics and test them all out.

Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy!

Story Mode and it’s content is designed and written by HarryTheGM
Artwork by Perplexing Ruins –

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