Misfortune and Displeasure: Dungeon 23 weeks 2 & 3

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No one knew what the trapdoor in the basement was originally for. All Vince the new innkeeper knew was that the rubbish at the bottom wasn’t going to move itself, and he wasn’t going to move it either.

Perhaps he could trick some “adventurers” who had one too many beers in them that if they could remove the junk to get to it, there was a magic dungeon hiding gold and ancient artifacts down there…

1 – Dump

  • Rickety ladder down to room full of rubbish which has been dumped through the trapdoor.
  • Highest pile blocks the only door out.
  • A trash loving goblin named Maud has made this pile into their den. Lives of scraps, fears the sounds on the other side of the door.

2 – Wine Cellar

  • Long and thin, arched ceiling. Archway at the far end.
  • Fine dust has settled on the floor and high racks of wine bottles. Scuffs and clawed footprints in the dust on the floor.
  • Most of the wine has turned to vinegar. A few remain velvety and smooth on the palate (25gp ea). A few more have developed strange properties, roll d6 after drinking:
D6Strange wine effects
1Fall asleep for 2d6 hours
2Become inconsolable
3Become very persuasive
4Movement is very loud
5Struggle to keep hold of weaponry
6Perceive time moving very slowly

3 – Hallway

  • Left leads to a sturdy oak door with a large, round frowning grotesque in the centre. A ring knocker through its nose.
  • Right leads to a steep and narrow staircase downward, ending at an identical door with an identical grotesque knocker. This one is grinning.

4 – Rehearsal Room

  • A grand piano in the centre.
  • Thick woven tapestries hang from a wrap-around wooden rail. Abstract patterns, no images.
  • A heavy snake skin in the body of the piano deadens the strings.
  • One of the deadened keys opens a secret door when it sounds freely. North Wall, behind a tapestry.

5 – Empty Tables

  • Round tables, some toppled. Musty red table cloths.
  • Cold candle sconces.
  • Puddle in the corner beneath a looking hole in the wall, revealing a view of the street outside.

6 – Serpentine Slumber

  • Long corridor. Wooden floorboards. Leads to simple stairs.
  • Broken door into ransacked boudoir. Torn hanging cloth, wooden bathtub, broken four poster bed.
  • Varshna the snake rests, coiled in the chaos. A 20ft sentient python. Once the pet of the room’s occupant.

7 – Living Quarters

  • Multiple rooms containing plush beds, chais longues, dressers and night stands.
  • Decanters of old but delicious liquer.
  • A dressing table with a large mirror houses tins and pots of make up, wigs and various prosthetics. Extensive range of disguises possible with the assortment.
  • End room at the foot of the stairs is taller and for dining.
  • Long tables with high backed chairs. Areas of broken glass on the floor.

8 – Kitchen

  • Fully stocked with mouldy food.
  • A very timid dog hides in the pantry cupboard.

9 – Ransacked Bar

  • High tables and stools.
  • Bar on the south wall stands in front of a giant cracked mirror.
  • Shelves of alcohol have mostly been drunk by a servant goblin. Driven mad with loneliness and fear after losing Maud and being terrorised by “the pit ghosts”.

10 – Storage

  • Bottles, mouldy food.
  • Serving trays, utensils and aparatus.
  • Open onto a featureless corridor

11 – Entrance Hall

  • Grand staircase down from a hidden door in an alleyway.
  • “Madame Xubis’ House of Fortune and Pleasure” inscribed on a sign above the stairs.

12 – Gambling Den

  • Roulette and card gaming tables.
  • 2d6 “Pit Ghosts” – The drone-like remnants of dealers and enforcers. Undead and violent.
  • Note taped under a table: “I’ve stashed it at the usual spot at the docks – P”

13 – Stage

  • Circular platform in the centre of the room.
  • Red curtains hand from all the walls.
  • A few boths with privacy curtains. One contains a pair of Boots of Climbing, another a Ring of Comprehend Language.
  • Spiral staircase up to a balcony.

14 – Xubis’ fate

  • Madame Xubis is magically trapped and sustained in her grand chair.
  • Held most of the time by a magic sleep. Loud noise from the stage in 13 will wake her and illicit shouts of “Bravo!” and “Encore!”.
  • She does not remember what happened to her, but in the moments she is lucid will become remorseful of her past behaviour and fearful of retribution from a group she will not name.

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