#Dungeon23: Week 1

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An ancient crypt hiding a secret thought lost. Find what lies buried with the last king.

1 – Hall of Kings

  • Cavernous hall with 8 crowned stone statues on plinths each with a gold item:
    Sword; Spyglass; Scales; Bow; Book; Flower; Hammer; Goblet
  • Another colossal gold statue in alcove at the end, carrying a scepter.
  • Placing the sword into the gold statue’s empty scabbard opens a secret door in its plinth.
  • Secret tunnel and ladder under another statue to the right. Scrape marks in the floor beside it.
  • Everything is covered in lichen.

2 – The First Crypt

  • 4 sarcophaguses. Ornately carved stone.
  • 2-in-6 chance that the king inside wakes when opened.
  • Each king buried with 2d100 gold worth of jewellery.
  • 2d4 Giant Spiders. Will pounce when their webs are disturbed.
  • Everything is covered in cobwebs.

3 – 6ft Deeper

  • Chipped flagstone steps down.
  • Two stone doors.
  • 2 Sarcophaguses. Finely carved. Beneath statues of kings in arched recesses, carrying bow and flower.
  • 3-in-6 chance that the corpse inside wakes when opened.
  • One king buried with an untarnished silver bow, the other with a flower of blue and red gems.
  • Everything is damp.

4 – Watery Grave

  • Tall chamber, walkway slopes down to square pool. Crystal clear water, 2m deep.
  • Sarcophagus at bottom of pool.
  • 4-in-6 chance the king inside wakes if opened.
  • Buried with a crown inset with sapphires, worth 2d100 gold.
  • Glowing sword rests on top: Frostbite
  • Touching the sword causes the pool to freeze over.
  • Everything is bathed in blue light.

+1 sword
Glows in the presence of water.
Freezes target for 1d4 turns on a critical hit.

5 – Hall of Ceremonies

  • Long hall with cold brass braziers at regular intervals.
  • Ladder up to Hall of kings via secret passage under statue.
  • Tall and broad gilded doors at far end. Eight panels depicting eight crowns. A final larger crown across the seam between the doors.
  • Mezzanine balcony overlooks the doors. No stair or access from below.
  • Walkway from balcony through wall above doors.
  • Everything is deathly cold.

6 – The Mezzanine

  • Wooden floor covered in withered vines which rejuvenate and grow rapidly when exposed to light.
  • Decorated sarcophagus.
  • 5-in-6 chance the king inside wakes when opened. Buried with 300gp diamond necklace.
  • Walkway extends to the centre of the final burial chamber.
  • Everything is creaking.

7 – Fit for a King

  • Octagonal crypt.
  • Grand sarcophagus on raised dais. Cracked open.
  • Last king stands resurrected. Grotesque and bloated undead form, mindlessly hungry for blood.
  • Carries a scepter: Restless Glory
  • Everything reeks of death

Restless Glory
Advantage on CHA checks to impress or lead.
Once per day, automatically succeed a CHA check to persuade.
The owner is filled with overwhelming desire for the scepter, they cannot be rid of it. Raised from death after 2d6 weeks.

I’ve really enjoyed the first week, and it’s warmed up some creative muscles. Looking forward to experimenting more now and seeing what comes from this exercise.

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