Manual of Magnificent Magical Machines Vol. 1

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System agnostic magic items to use in your OSR and 5e games.

Autonomous Sword

A sword which springs to life at it’s owners command to fly and fight on it’s own. 
The wielder gains a +2 bonus to attacks and damage with this weapon.
Damage as sword.

You may use an action to speak the sword’s command word to activate it.
It acts on your turn, may move up to 30ft and makes one sword attack per turn. 
If reduced to 0HP, the sword drops to the ground and can’t be activated until the next dawn. 
When active, the Autonomous Sword has the following stats:

Autonomous Sword
15HP (3HD) – Difficult to hit (17AC)
Sword Attack Damage as sword
Flying Speed: 30ft

Bloodthirsty Blade

When the wielder of this blade kills a creature with their first attack on a turn, they may make another attack.
May be any bladed weapon.

Bond stones

A pair of smooth stones. The owners of these stones can tell where the other is at all times.

Dealer’s Choice

A magical deck of cards which when shuffled will appear in the order the dealer chooses. 

Cocktail of potential

A reddish liquid inside an exquisite vial. When drunk, it will increase or decrease one of the drinkers’ ability scores by 2. You have no way of knowing the effect until it has been drunk. 

Mask of Mimicry

While wearing this mask, the wearer can imitate any sound they have heard, including the voice of another person.

Never-ending Rope

A small wicker basket filled with rope. When the end of the rope is pulled from the basket, it will continue letting out the rope indefinitely and it seems the amount of rope in the basket is never depleted.

Orb of Translation

This small ball with a gilded band around it’s centre allows the holder to communicate with any sentient creature, regardless of their languages.

Poacher’s Net

A mundane looking net which when laid out on the ground, acts magically as a trap without the need for additional ropes or pulleys. When any creature of humanoid size or smaller steps into the centre of the net, the net ensnares them.

Spear of Waning

The wielder gains a +1 bonus to attacks and damage with this weapon.
Damage as spear.
Sap StrengthWhen a creature is damaged by this weapon, they suffer a -2 penalty to melee attacks and strength checks they make until their next rest.

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