Story Mode: Play test release

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It’s here!
Story Mode is free from it’s confines in my notebooks and google docs and available to view, play and tinker with.

I decided to get over my perfectionism and get this first draft of the game out there so that we can start getting some fresh eyes on it, insight to make changes and most of all opportunities to have fun with this new tool.

For now, I’ve released it only as a webpage. I originally planned to create a playtest PDF document, with the rules, characters, items etc all laid out in a good looking booklet – but releasing as a web page makes more sense for now for several reasons:

  • It’s less work for me, meaning I can focus on the design of the game, rather than on formatting.
  • It allows on-the-fly changes; I can respond to feedback, adjust numbers, tweak wordings and always be sure that it’s only the most up to date version which is being viewed.
  • It allows quick access to character sheets for everyone at the table – just head over to the character page on your phone and scroll to the one you’ll be using.
    The main aim for this game is simplicity and minimal prep – this approach allows that in a really neat way.
    I like this so much that I even expect that this will always be part of the Story Mode experience; or at least an option within it.

So please, jump on in and see what you think.

Everything is over on the Story Mode page, with links to the Rules, Characters, Items and Monsters.

There’s even a short adventure designed for about 2 hours of testing here.

I will be adding more content in terms of Monsters, Items and Characters (suggestions for these are very welcome) but what’s there should allow you to get to grips with the game and give it a few goes to test it out.

I’m so excited for the possibilities of where we can go from here though and I look forward to shaping it based on feedback and stories of your games!

A key thing to understand is that this is not intended to be a replacement for some of the crunchier games – DnD, Pathfinder – it is simply another tool for the GMs arsenal to allow groups to enjoy games without worrying about looking up rules or spending time prepping.

Let me know what you think via the form on the main page, or tweet at me @harrythegm.

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