Games for wannabe pilots.

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The January blues are setting in but there’s a new game to ease them away!

I’ve just released Skyfliers, a simple, silly and strategic board game of aerial combat for people who don’t own a plane.

I’ve got to give a huge shout to Thomas Novosel for this.
(@thomasanovosel on twitter,
I’ve been a member of his patreon for a little while and loved the little illustration of the pilot when it was put out this month. This game is purely a response to the artwork. I just wanted to make something for it.

So go and download the game at, play it with your friends, family and strangers you sit next to in the airport departure lounge.

It’s designed to be played with whatever you have to hand (I always carry dice with me, don’t you!?). Scrawl a play mat into the back of your notebook, go “neeeeeeeuuuuaaarrrggghhhhhh!” (plane noises) and give it a go.

Let me know what you think – I’m very happy to hear feedback on the mechanics in particular. There’s no way I can playtest this as extensively as I’d like to.

Peace Harry


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