An Epic update

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I’m going to go right out and say it – we’ve settled on a name for the final game and it’s more Epic than Epic and more true to the aim of the game too.

The whole purpose is to strip away crunchy mechanics and arduous planning to launch all of the players into an immersive story telling experience and titling it Story Mode captures that so well. It’s evocative of some of my favourite video game experiences, where I’m more interested in getting into the lore and depth of the world, rather than test my finger dexterity on my keyboard. It’s reminiscent of childhood fables, make believe and imagination. It’s inviting you to wade a little deeper and find out what lies beneath the rules…

Other than that, things are progressing well. We’ve got the bulk of the mechanics down, we’re nearly there with the base for the written publication and we’re about ready to get it out to playtesters to check on the balancing – do follow me on twitter to hear about an opportunity to join in with this – @harrythegm.

I’m excited about the depth of experience we’re hoping to create with this game. I’m excited about the ways we hope to expand it and develop the themes.

Most of all I’m excited to share it with you!

So this is just an update to say it’s tantalisingly close, and you just have to wait a little bit longer.

Peace Harry


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